Press Release / 14 September 2020

Synergy Of SMF And Bank DKI Support PEN In The Housing Sector


Jakarta, 14 September 2020 – PT Sarana Multigriya Finansial (Persero) or SMF channeled financing for Sharia Housing Credit (KPR) or KPR iB of IDR 500 billion with a replacement financing scheme using the Mudharabah Muqayyadah contract to PT Bank DKI.

The loan is part of the synergy between SMF and Bank DKI in encouraging the acceleration of the National Economic Recovery (PEN), especially in the housing sector, while at the same time expanding access to decent and affordable housing for State Civil Servants (ASN) within the Regional Government (Pemda) of DKI Jakarta Province.


The signing of the agreement was carried out on Thursday (10/9) by the Managing Director of SMF, Ananta Wiyogo, and the Director of Bank DKI, Babay Parid Wazdi.

President Director of SMF, Ananta Wiyogo said that the refinancing was a form of SMF’s support in encouraging the National Economic Recovery (PEN) program and increasing the liquidity of mortgage lending banks, particularly Regional Development Banks (BPD) so that it could be maintained.

Ananta hopes that this can spur BPD to maximize its ability to encourage credit growth that is being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. As is well known, the housing sector has more than 170 secondary industries, so it is hoped that this can help promote national economic recovery.

“We are optimistic that in the future the synergy between the two parties will be better. Therefore, we invite other BPDs to collaborate together in moving the housing sector during the pandemic, “said Ananta.

According to the plan, this collaboration will be continued with the synergy of the application of the Electronic Mortgage Management System (EMMS) to encourage the effectiveness of Bank DKI in initiating the KPR iB distributed, as well as the Capacity Building Program to support the increase in the capacity of personnel in the distribution of KPR iB.

With this Rp. 500 billion loan disbursement, the total loan disbursement that has been channeled by SMF with a Sharia agreement to KPR Distribution Banks from January 2020 to date has reached Rp. 3.950 trillion.

Director of UMK Credit and Sharia Business of Bank DKI, Babay Parid Wazdi expressed his gratitude for the trust given by SMF to Bank DKI. He said that this financing was a form of synergy between BUMN and BUMD. In addition, he also mentioned that this financing model could be applied by SMF with other Regional Development Banks in each region.