Media Coverage / 21 July 2020

Synergy of SMF-BP Tapera, Fund Fertilization to Credit Risk Evaluation


PT Sarana Multigriya Financial (SMF) Managing Director Ananta Wiyogo ensured his readiness to work together with the People’s Savings Management Agency (BP Tapera). For information, BP Tapera works to manage participant funds which include the mobilization, fertilization, and utilization of funds. In the fertilization scheme, Ananata said, SMF is ready to cooperate with BP Tapera by issuing securities.

“For that in the fertilization scheme we can work together, because SMF is diligent in issuing bonds and also asset-backed securities with good ratings,” Ananta said in an online seminar on Thursday (07/16/2020).

Thus, BP Tapera can invest its funds in securities issued by SMF. Funds collected from Tapera participants will be fostered by investing in investment instruments that are guaranteed safe. The funds obtained will then be used by SMF for channeling Home Ownership Loans (KPR).

“And we channeled the funds from BP Tapera again to KPR-KPR through banks, also Islamic banks, Regional Development Banks (BPD), and multifinance companies,” said Ananta.

Then in the utilization scheme, if needed, the SMF can help evaluate the banking which is tasked with channeling funds to Tapera participants. So far, the company has carried out these activities, because SMF is also refinancing or lending to KPR channeling banks. “We can evaluate the credit risk of each KPR distributor,” he said.

So far, SMF has also contributed in providing funds for housing finance, especially in the Housing Financing Liquidity Facility (FLPP) program. Thus, when FLPP management has officially been transferred to BP Tapera, SMF is also ready to provide these funds with a portion of 25 percent. While the remaining 75 percent is provided by the government.

“As soon as the FLPP enters Tapera, the function of the SMF will continue to exist. There we are committed to provide 25 percent of FLPP funds,” Ananta said.

Source : Kompas.com