PT SMF was established to facilitates medium or long term flow of fund from capital market to housing sector through mortgage lender, that eventually creates the possibility of housing ownership affordable by society.

There are two activities of PT SMF, which are main activities and supporting activities.
Main activities consists of:

  1. Refinancing, activities conducted by the company to mortgage lender, so they can have funds for new mortgage. The source of funds for this refinancing program derived from bonds issuance. Over the mortgage that has been channeled, mortgage lender request for refinancing to PT SMF to be able to have funds for new mortgage issuance. On the basis of the funds that had been lent to the mortgage lender, the Company issued bonds. This activity is carried out on an ongoing basis, resulting faster and smoother distribution of mortgage. In the future, the Company will act as guarantor for the emission of bonds issued by mortgage lender.
  2. Securitization. When mortgage lender have high mortgage volume and Securitization. In terms of the institutions have a mortgage already high volume of mortgage and interest to be sold, the Company is ready to facilitate the securitization transaction is by way of buying mortgage bills and transformation to become the new securities or asset-backed securities (ABS) or residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS ) that can be sold in the capital markets. In the future, the Company's role in the transaction is a mortgage bill securitization as guarantor.

SMF’s supporting activities are:

  1. Education and training, particularly aimed for improving mortgage lender personnel ability in producing qualified mortgage.
  2. Providing Mortgage Guidelines and Standard documents, to provide guidance for the mortgage lender in good and sound mortgage management process.
  3. Socialization and public communication, to build awareness of the role and the company as well as housing finance sector in general.
  4. Mortgage consumer education as one of public awareness to give a complete information and understading about good and sound mortgage, where Consumer Education mortgages, as a form of community care to provide comprehensive information and understanding of mortgage is good and right, where consumers are expected to know their rights and obligations when buying a house through mortgage facilities. The end goal is to encourage a healthy housing finance industry.

For mortge lender, this activities can give benefits such as:

  1. Reducing maturity mismatch.
  2. Improving the ability in managing asset and liability.
  3. Availability of sustainability of medium and long term fund.

This activities also give benefits to investor, such as:

  1. Facilitating alternative investment product issuance.
  2. Facilitating tradable investment instrument.
  3. Facilitating investment instrument that guaranteed by collateral.

The relationship between PT SMF and mortgage lender is as partner in housing finance. PT SMF facilitating fund flow to mortgage lender through refinancing and securitization.

No. PT SMF gives fund to mortgage lender, then channeled to mortgage customer.