About the Community Development Program

As a state-owned enterprise (SOE), the Company has the obligation to conduct CSR initiatives through the Partnership Program and Community Development Program (P&CDP) based on legality as follows:

  • SOE Minister Circular Letter No. SE-07/MBU/2008 of May 5, 2008 on Implementation of P&CDP and Compliance with Article 74 Law No. 40/2007 on Corporations.
  • SOE Minister Circular Letter No. SE-14/MBU/2008 of June 30, 2008 on Optimalization of Partnership Program Funds through Cooperation in the Disbursement Process.
  • Article 74 Law No. 40/2007 on Limited Liability Corporations.
  • SOE Minister Regulation No. PER-08/MBU/2013 on Fourth Change to BUMN State Ministerial Regulation No. PER-05/MBU/2007 on Partnership and Community Development Program (PKBL).
  • Letter from SOE Minister No. S-92/D5.MBU/2013 on Management of Partnership and Community Development Program.



Throughout 2013, implementation of P&CDP programs were prioritized to the activities related to housing sector, such as construction of sanitary facilities, school renovation and construction of public and spiritual infrastructure; in addition, the Company conducted people development, such as scholarship activities for orphans and underprivileged, provision of nutritious meals, donation to victims of naturaldisasters, implementation of education about Clean & Healthy Lifestyle, sustainable psychological education for homeless children as well as other non-physical programs.

In CDP activities related to housing sector, during 2013 the Company provided infrastructure donation through construction of sanitary facilities at Desa Jampang Tengah, Sukabumi in collaboration with SHARK UI on May 16, 2013, renovation of classrooms at Community Learning Center (CLC) Himmata Foundation, Plumpang Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta in April-September 2013, as well as building of alternative treatment room for mentally ill patients for Pesantren Nurul Azhar, Cianjur which had begun in November 2013.

In health sector, on January 18, 2013 the Company delivered aid to flood victims in Pejaten Timur, blood donation activities participated by employees and communities around the Company. Blood donation activities in 2013 were conducted 3 (three) times on February 20, June 5 and November 21.

The Company collaborated with the Indonesia Medical Partnership Community (KIMMI) organized a series of health development ranging from social works andmass health treatment at Jatinegara Kaum on March 24, 2013; drug counselling, periodic treatment for Himmata Foundation Foster Children from July to December 2013. Not just in the capital area, the Company donated foods in PMTP program to 120 malnourished children in Bojongkoneng, Sentul.

In education sector, the Company provided education aid to the Yatim Hasanah Mohamed Abdul Gaforre Boarding School in Ciputat, Tangerang Selatan, Banten on July 29, 2013, and donated to education of children under the charge of PKU Aisyiyah Blambangan on October 18, 2013. Furthermore, the Company has organized community development activities that included donations for scholarship program for children under direction of Baitul Maal Hidayatullah, at Serang, Banten on December 30, 2013.