Composition of Shareholders


The Company was established with nominal capital of Rp 8 trillion and then divided into 8 million shares worth Rp 1 million per share, which initially deposited as much as to Rp 1 trillion divided into 1 million shares. The entire share of the Company is owned by the Republic of Indonesia. Based on the Government Regulation No. 71 Year 2011 dated December 29, 2011 concerning the additional capital investment of the Government of Republic of Indonesia into the Share Capital of Limited Company of PT Sarana Multigriya Finansial (Persero) juncto to the Decree of Minister of Finance No.150/KMK.06/2012 dated May 14, 2012 concerning Additional Capital to Share Capital and Revision of Company Article of Association of PT Sarana Multigriya Finansial (Persero), the capital structure and composition of the latest shareholders, consists of Authorized Capital amounted to Rp 6 trillion, Issued and Fully Paid Capital amounted to Rp 6 trilion consist of 4 million shares, 100% owned by the Republic of Indonesia and shared in portfolio amounted to Rp 4 trillion.

KeteranganNominal Rp.1.000.000 Per Saham(%)
Jumlah SahamNominal (RP)
Modal Dasar8.000.0008.
Modal Ditempatkan & Disetorkan Penuh - Negara Republik Indonesia6.000.0006.
Saham dalam Porpetel4.000.0004.

With shareholder structure mentioned above, it can be seen that in a limited liability company, it doesn’t have individual level, controlling shareholder, 5% shareholder and Board of Directors/Commissioner and family shareholder structure.