Committee Under the Board of Directors

To support implementation of Company’s management, Board of Directors is supported by committees designated to handle a specific responsibilities namely Risk Management Committee, Asset and Liability Committee, andCredit Committee.


Risk Management Committee is a committee under Board of Directors, which functions to assist Board of Directors in managing risks faced by the Company. The Risk Management Committee applied various risk management approaches in accordance to the relevant guidelines and prevailing laws and regulations to minimize the Company’s business and operational risks. The duties and responsibilities for Risk Management Committees was most currently stipulated through Board of Directors Decree No. 005/SKD/DIR/VIII/2012 dated August 6, 2012 as follows:

  1. Reviews alteration proposals and of applied Risk Management Implementation Policy & Procedure, which include strategy, work plan, development and implementation
  2. Performs periodical or incidental evaluations on Risk Management Implementation Policy process in organizational units for at least in once in every quarter.
  3. Provides Board of Directors with recommendations on the concepts, methods and tools improvement and development for Risk Management Implementation Policy.
  4. Provides recommendations on proposals relevant to exposed to risk transactions or certain/new activities that require an evaluation and recommendation from Risk Management Committee.
  5. Provides recommendation on risk limit proposals


Asset & Liability Committee is a committee under the Board of Directors, which functions to assist in asset and liabilities management. The committee applies various asset and liabilities management in accordance relevant laws and regulation in order to optimize Company’s business and operations.

The duties and responsibilities of the Asset and Liability Committee were stipulated through the Board of Directors decree No. 007/SKD/DIR/ VIII/2012 on Agustus 6, 2012 , as follows:

  1. Discuss the guidelines development and determination of ALMA policy and strategy
  2. Discuss the Company’s liquidity position on regular basis
  3. Evaluates budget realization in accordance
  4. with the Company’s budget in order to evaluate the impact of ALCO previous decisions on the Company’s objectives.
  5. Evaluates and recommends lending and funding interest rates to optimize cost of capital, and to maintain balance sheet structure in accordance with the ALMA strategy .
  6. Discuss the development and projections of the economic conditions and any influential aspects in giving directions to the defined policy.
  7. Recommends risk management guidelines/limitations and directions which give the impacts on

a. Liquidity Management

b. Interest rate management

c. Earning an investment risks

  1. Reports the information to the Board of Directors on the latest development on the regulations relevant to ALMA strategy and policy.


The Credit Committee is a committee under the Board of Directors which functions to assist the Board of Directors in the Company’s credit management planning. Credit Committee manages credit and financing portfolios in accordance to relevant guidelines and regulations in order to assure the optimum results and to minimize credit risk conducted by the Company.


Duties and Responsibilities The implementation of duties and responsibilities of the Credit Committee has been stipulated in the Decree of the Board of Directors No. 006/SKD/ DIR/VIII/2012 Dated Agustus 6, 2012. as follows:

  1. Follow upon every financial proposal submitted by mortgage lender in timely manner in accordance with applicable procedures.
  2. Analyze and evaluate every financing proposal which submitted by mortgage lender accurately and properly.
  3. Decide to recommend or reject financing proposal mortgage Lender based on analysis.