Committee Under the Board of Commissioners


Establishment and execution of duties of Audit Committee is in accordance to the Decision of Minister of BUMN No. KEP-117/M-PBUMN/2002 on August 01st 2002 on the Application of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) Practice on BUMN that was later refurbished with Minister of BUMN rules No. PER-01/MBU/2011 dated August 01st 2011 about the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance on BUMN and BAPEPAM Decision No. 29/PM/2004 about Guidelines for the Establishment and Audit Committee. The member’s term of office in the Audit Committee is 2 (two) years, and can be re-appointed for another one time period, by not decreasing the authority.


Duties and responsibilities of Audit Committee in accordance to the Audit Committee Charter shall be as the following :

  1. Review on financial report that will be disseminated to public and/or authority such as financial reports, projection, and other reports related to the Company’s financial information;
  2. Review on regulatory compliance on the Company’s activities;
  3. Recommend independent opinion in case of dispute of opinions between management and public accountant;
  4. Recommend Board of Commissioners about the Public Accountant appointment based on independency, scope of assignment and fee;
  5. Review implementation of audit activities by internal auditors and monitor implementation of follow-up by Board of Director on internal auditors findings;
  6. Review implementation of risk management’s activities performed by Board of Directors, in case of no available risk management committee under Board of Commissioner;
  7. Review on complaints related to accounting process and the Company’s financial reports;
  8. Review and recommend Board of Commissioners related to potential conflict of interest of the Company; and
  9. Maintain confidentiality of documents, data and the Company’s information Audit Committee Profile

Audit Committee Profile

Iskandar Saleh

Indonesian citizen, born in 1956. Received his degree in Industrial Engineering (Ir. 1983) from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB); Master of City Planning (MCP 1992), Magistri Artivm (MA 1995), and Philosophiae Doctoris (Ph.D. 1999) with Major and Minor field of Study: City Planning and Housing & Real Estate Finance gained from the University of Pennsylvania (PENN), United States of America.

He had occupied a number of strategic positions, including: Deputy Housing Financing (2005-2008); Secretary of the Ministry of Public Housing, Ministry of Public Housing (2008-2013); Skilled Assistant Chief of the Presidential Work Unit of Development Monitoring & Control – UKP4 (2013-2014). In addition, he had also received an assignment as: Supervisory Board BLU Center for Housing Financing (2011-2013); Commissioner of Bank BTN (2011-2012); The Bapertarum-PNS Settap Board (2008-2013); and Commisioner PT. Sarana Multigriya Finansial – SMF (2005-2008).

After retiring from government officials, he continued working as specialist in the Institute of Financing PT. China Sonangol Investment Indonesia (2015-2016) and Individual Consultant / Housing finance specialist at various institutions (Bank BTN, PT SMF, REI, Directorate General of Housing Financing – KemenPUPR 2014-2017).

Appointed as President Commissioner / Independent Commissioner of PT. SMF since June 2017 in accordance with Decree of the Minister of Finance No.: 388/KMK.06/2017. He is also a Lecturer at Indonesia Banking School – IBS (2016 until Now).

Audit Committee Profile

Nursevianto Tahier

Audit Committee Profile

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